Granted I am no expert when it comes to street art, but it is one of my favourite things to photograph and I am increasingly fascinated by both the art itself and any stories behind it. I took both of these photographs today as I walked into Manchester from my flat in Salford. The first image was taken near the Adelphi campus of my university, the second under a railway bridge near Deansgate.

There are two very different types of ‘art’ here. There is, of course, graffiti-style street art with a slightly cryptic political message behind it, then there is a more commonly seen form of corporate advertising being clinically pasted onto the wall by a bored council worker.

There is a graphic designer out there somewhere getting paid a lot of money to create these adverts which will reach the masses. The soul intention of these lifeless posters is to persuade the general public to spend money on whatever it is they are selling this week. The other artist here receives nothing in return for his or her efforts at spreading a message so much deeper and ultimately more important to anyone who bothers to look.

It’s a shame that it is the latter of the two who are the most looked down upon and the least valued within society, when it is my opinion that these people deserve the most credit for what they are trying to achieve. I hope that one day people can start to look beyond what’s in front of them in big printed letters and see things for what they really are. Maybe then they will appreciate the work of what I believe to be the real artists of our time.


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