The Stray

Today – or yesterday as it now stands – I walked to Eccles and back. Eccles is about an hour away from me on foot and I’d only ever been through it once before on the bus. The resulting images don’t really reflect their location, firstly because one is of a cat, and the other is of a Teletubby children’s ride…

There is something fundamentally wrong with the scene in this first image; Tinky Winky looks like he’s on a comedown from a horrible, horrible drug. Perhaps his lover left him for another, very gay, purple children’s character and he was forced to resort to letting people ride him for money in order to fuel his filthy habit. It’s a cruel world, children’s entertainment, remember Mark Speight?

I enjoy the way that the digger from Bob the Builder (forgive me if I do not know its name) is peering over in the background with a very concerned and/or paranoid expression on its face. Poor thing is worried for the safety of his electronic-bellied friend. Maybe, just maybe, he has also been snorting something he shouldn’t have been. 

Maybe, just maybe, I am a little bit insane.

The second photograph here is of a fine feline fellow which I believe to be a stray. I found him on my travels in a housing estate as I myself was straying off my usual path. On that particular day I reminded myself of a stray animal, with no real idea of where I would end up. I said hello to him in the hope of obtaining a fancy picture to show my cat-enthusiast boyfriend. Success!

I am yet to come up with a suitable name for him, anyone have any fun suggestions?

There are many charming cats in Salford. There is one that frequents my student accommodation which I like to call ‘Bin Cat’ because believe it or not, he resides in the bins. Recently I have sighted an even nicer, larger bin cat loitering in the area!


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