Speedy Gonzalost

Today on my walk I came across some horrible, ominous locations. I felt quite unsafe at times and had to keep checking that there was no one following me with an axe. Yes, it was probably my own fault for venturing out on my own into the wilderness, but at the same time, who else would be mad enough to come with me?

So instead of finding Worsley – which was the original plan – I found a strange junk yard and got completely lost in some woods by the railway. After about an hour of following a murderous woodland path I finally escaped and realised I had somehow managed to find my way back to where I came from in the first place, which was nice.

What I found then, is what you can see in the photograph above. These two amazing pieces of graffiti were painted on the same pieces of wood that lined some fences in a park off Langley Road South. They are just small parts of some kind of massive street art mural.

On some of the walls nearby there were big red signs that read “Commit it to memory, speed kills”; I presume this is some kind of memorial or community project, as a lot of the paintings also had references to Salford in them. I would love to know more about it, if there is anyone out there who has the knowledge!

The middle image here was taken in the Strawberry Road industrial estate and depicts one of the many wall-tops covered in barbed wire and warning signs, something which I have been no stranger to today. There is something about danger signs that makes me want to defy the rules which are there for my own safety, just to see something I’m not supposed to see.


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