Clay Man-chester

This charming little clay sculpture of a man commuting to work was given to me as a gift after the artist, Laurence Epps, left thousands of them to be found on the streets of Manchester on Wednesday.

The BBC have a gallery showing off some of the different places the men were placed, however mine is being a bit less adventurous at the moment and currently resides on the desk in my bedroom. I suppose he deserves a rest after all the time he has spent being a dispensable corporate businessman – an impression that Epps was apparently trying to bring across.

The thing I like most about this quirky little project is the way that each man looks slightly different due to the fact that they were all handmade with what must have been a lot of  love and attention! I like the fact that mine has a hole through it and what looks like a fingernail imprint in the clay.

I might have to get myself down to the Museum of Science and Industry to see more of his creations at some point, which are being shown as part of an exhibition called ‘Human Resources’.

His website contains a lot more examples of his tiny sculpture projects, with these being some of my favorites – all of which express an important message regarding the work ethic of people with corporate/office jobs and the people that they work for.


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