And yes, that is a deliberate spelling error.

Here is a photograph that would be very much suited to Instagram. I even added a nice white border to make it look like a real Polaroid picture and emulate the endless skill of someone who has access to an iPhone!

The canals in and around Worsley are pretty much a paradise for anyone who uses that travesty of an application. By all means, you can argue against my hatred for it but you probably wont get very far. Instagram has given people with no skill whatsoever the idea that somehow they can take a picture, add a sepia tone and call themselves a photographer.

They are a new generation of bottom-feeders, spawned from those people who own a DSLR and therefore claim to be a ‘professional’. Professionals at pulling duck faces in your bathroom mirrors and fishing for compliments on Facebook by calling yourselves ugly, perhaps, you massive slags!

I mean, I own a beautiful red Nikon D3100 and I am awaiting a delivery of numerous lenses and filters to enhance my work, however you would never catch me labeling myself a professional. Even ‘ammateur photographer’ would probably be a stretch. I would love to be a professional photographer one day but for now I simply see this as a much-loved hobby.

Going back to the photograph, then, this area itself is lovely and I very much liked this cute little lighthouse on the edge of the water. I plan to follow the canal as far as my legs will take me one day just to see what I can find. There is also a restaurant here called the Waterside which looks really nice. For picture-taking though, I found it quite boring, purely because much of the scenery wasn’t something I hadn’t already seen before.

Give me a choice between urban or rural areas for photo opportunities and I will almost always pick urban. However when I go walking I like nothing better than squelching through soggy grass or getting lost somewhere green!


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