Number One, First Street

Yesterday  I finally cracked Manchester! And by cracked, I mean that I visited all the places I could never find before and I am now fully confident that I know the city really well, or at least know where most things are.

I often use Beetham Tower  as a point of reference (see giant skyscraper…), but yesterday I actually went all the way up to it. It really is the coolest building ever. An awesome landmark for an awesome city. That’s all I’ve got on that one!

It’s got some really great stuff around it too, like the Museum of Science and Industry. Although I didn’t go inside, I did see some of the machines and things from the outside on my way past. I also found Deansgate locks on my own without a taxi for the first time in my life, which I mark down as a significant achievement!

The sculptures that you can see in the pictures are located around the glorified office block that is Number One, First Street. This is basically one of the points at which the city becomes Manchester instead of Salford. It’s a nice, clean, grassy area that I used to look at from the window of my train to Victoria and wish I could get down there.

Well now I have, and I will be going there a lot more often. It has bars everywhere, pubs everywhere and quite a lot of history – what with the canals, roman gardens and museums close by. It also has a great view of the train line as it runs past the tower. I’m really glad I went there and I really like this set of images, although they may not be the most artistic shots in the world!


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