People Watching

Today I finally got my zoom, macro and fish eye lenses through the post along with my filters. Unfortunately I bought the wrong sized fish eye meaning that it wont screw on. What a fool! Other than that though, I was so excited about my new purchases that I went out into Manchester straight away to test them out. Casual stalking of the general public ensued.

These photographs were taken using a Nikkor 55-200mm lens and  a UV protector filter. The subject of the first image was standing outside a pub in Salford about to roll a cigarette, the second wandering through Manchester City Centre trying to carry an iced lemon drink and a freebie magazine. Frankly, they both looked strange. This is why they caught my eye in the first place. I love people with their own style and I love people-watching, so combine the two and you will find me covertly taking pictures of anyone who fits that description for my own enjoyment.

For one of my A Level projects I went out into Hull and took pictures of the general public in an attempt to emulate the style of painter Stacey Manton (amongst others). There is a misconception within society that taking photographs of people in public places without their consent is against the law… it’s not (without going into detail on specifics like privacy law, obviously).

However, I find that this sort of photography is made a lot easier with a zoom lens – something which I found out today! No more foul looks heading in my direction and no more suspicious individuals questioning my intentions. Score!


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