Hipster Shopping

I apologise for the lack of entries in the past few days, I think the walking finally ended me and I needed a well-earned rest from travelling almost ten miles a day on foot. I only have weak, skinny calves you know! 

Today, my enthusiasm for penguins got the better of me once more… and I just had to show you this very large yet delightful model of one dressed in a pair of trousers that I found in a shop called ‘Vintage’ in Manchester. Can you guess what it sold?

I love genuine vintage shops despite rarely actually buying anything from them – but never, EVER for the old women’s dresses and horribly itchy, woolly jumpers – I am not one of those people thank you very much! I owned some green, lens-less nerd glasses for a while but thank God that phase passed over quickly!

I mainly love independent vintage and second-hand shops like this one because they smell great – like a cross between dusty stuff in a loft and old leather. I also love old, american import T Shirts with logos for things like Sea World on them, or anything denim that’s been customised. You’ll rarely find me in the women’s section when it comes to these places.

It’s a good thing I only had my card with me because had they accepted anything other than cash I would probably have gone home looking like a bit of a Nazi with my bright ginger shaved hair and an ex army jacket on…


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