Aspiration Got You Nowhere?

I spotted this piece of wheatpaste street art near Aflecks in Manchester the other day. I’d not seen it before so it must be fairly new and I really, really like it. Wheatpaste is the stuff used to stick the pre-drawn art onto the walls and I think it creates a really cool effect.

The piece of paper in the guy’s hand reads “So, aspiration got you nowhere?”. The message this gives off to me is that the artist is expressing how it takes more than just aspiration for young people to get to where they want to be. I think this artist wanted to show us how this is a negative thing, and that we can’t really reach our dreams without more than just wanting to. We have to work very hard for it and even then it might not come to us.

If anyone has any other ideas on the message behind the art feel free to share it with me.

Of course one of the reasons I like the picture is that there is a camera around the guy’s neck – therefore I can relate this idea to the fact that I don’t really believe I will get very far in my aspirations to work in the world of photography unless some kind of miracle happens or I work my arse off for the rest of my life on the off-chance that this gets me to where I want to be.

I love the way that the paper is ripped around some of its edges, which I don’t think will have been intentional, but I personally think it makes it look a bit more like it’s a part of the woodwork (or wall, as the case may be), and this is a good thing in my eyes.


3 thoughts on “Aspiration Got You Nowhere?

  1. This is an inspiring post. What is the purpose of art? Is it l’art pour l’art? Art for the sake of art? Is it recognition? Is it a success measured by others and others’ standards or is it an ability to see art around oneself, to discover beauty, ugliness, feelings without chasing “big” dreams? For me it is the last one. Good luck and be happy and content!

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