More Wheatpaste

Every time I walk down Chapel Street I am greeted by this disgruntled/stoned/sleep-deprived octopus. It is quite frankly very cute and I’d been wanting to get a picture of it for ages. I love the different colours used in the scribbley bit (if that’s what we’re calling it), I think it’s really cool. The paper stands out so much from the blue wall that it almost looks 3D. I’m not sure if it was intentionally placed on top of existing graffiti, but it’s a nice detail anyway.

I had a wander around the Northern Quarter today. I tend to get lost around there a lot and have trouble navigating, but it was nice to find some different places. There are a lot of art shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and galleries in this area, which is really what the Northern Quarter is known for. I found a lot more of these today. There is no end to my discoveries!

I wandered up a road called Tibb Street which was somewhere I had always heard mentioned but never been able to find. What I came across was: a lot of sex shops, some hairdressers and a shop full of cannabis paraphernalia… fun to look at but you probably wouldn’t find me inside any of these places!

I wandered down a few more alleys near Dale Street and subsequently stumbled upon some more artistic creations. What you can see in my other photograph above is something that I found in a very creepy area full of abandoned warehouses with mannequins in their windows. This piece of art is, again, a mix of wheatpaste and graffiti and I love the little faceless robot with his ray-gun.



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