Exploring Fred’s Depths…

I am not a massive fan of haberdashery and craft. I used to be when I was younger, but I now have a huge box of left-over materials under my bed that I don’t know what to do with. Fred Aldous is a shop on Lever Street which sells all that kind of stuff and so much more.

It is three floors of pure heaven, despite the fact that I am not a haberdasher.The ground floor sells things like craft kits, cameras, photopaper, gifts, giant cardboard lettering and other strange yet interesting things to make and do! The lower floor sells beads, paints, materials and everything else you could possibly imagine wanting to make something with! There is an even lower floor which has artist workshops, canvases, sketchbooks and portfolios for sale.

Had I come here back in the days of GCSE art, I would have had to take out a loan for the amount of stuff I could have bought! However, now that my main interest is in photography, I would really only want to buy items relating to this. Would still leave me with a very low bank balance though!

I’d really like to work in a place like this, because the people who already do seem to have a real enthusiasm for the art they are selling and a lot of them are artists themselves! The photograph above is of one of the displays they have in the window. I presume each person in the pictures works for the shop in some way and I think it really comes across as though they love what they do.

One day I think I might force a friend to come with me to get our own set of prints from the booths which are located inside the shop. Very hipster of me I know, but it could be a lot of fun all the same!


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