The Family Album

My family own an incredible amount of photographs. In my house alone there is a huge, weighty suitcase full of them. Every so often I feel an urge to delve into the collection, no matter how many times I have seen them all before. From photographic portraits of my grandparents, all the way through to holiday snaps of me as a child… there’s not much that isn’t there. Although I love reliving my own feint memories through these photographs, the real reason I like to look through them is to admire the ones which pre-date my existence.

These two photographs are of my mum in the 70s. She was a beautiful young woman and luckily I seem to have got most of my features from her! Here she is on the left, filling up the family car with fuel. When I showed her this photograph today, she recalled fond memories of her brown, cord jacket. My mum was a perfect example of trend throughout the decades. In a photograph from the 60s, she and my auntie are dressed in some stereotypically psychedelic dresses in lime green, pink and orange.

In the second image – taken by my late grandfather who I never met – my mum is sporting her work uniform. You seldom see uniforms like this any more, not even on the cheesiest of cruise liners! When I found this one in particular I recognised a lot of myself in her. The shape of my face and the colour of my features mirror her’s almost perfectly. My grandma on my mother’s side also looks very much the same as a young woman. The women on this side of my family clearly have very domineering genes!

I love the quality of these photographs just as much as the content itself. The softness and quality of prints from film beats anything I can do nowadays with digital camera settings or post-editing. This is what inspired me to make a spontaneous purchase in the form of a disposable camera earlier today. There’s something about the colour of photographs from the past I really love, too… it’s like the whole of the 70s were dull and earthy with the odd, extremely bright injection of colour from time to time.


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