Messing With Macro

This is my Cockatiel after having my new Opteka HD 10x Macro Lens pointed at it. In the process of perplexing my elderly bird I managed to get a few interesting pictures. This isn’t the most exciting picture in the world – I can admit that – but for a boring picture of one of my pets it could have been a lot worse.

If I don’t zoom in on a subject when this macro lens is attached I get this black edge, which makes it look a little bit like I have taken it using a pinhole camera. Also, the way Chuckie (that’s his name…) is looking through the bars of his cage gives a fish-eye angle effect completely by accident. The image would overall have been improved if I had actually got the bird’s face in focus but never mind. I have learnt my lesson and will only ever use manual focus from now on.

As you may be able to tell, I haven’t left the house at all so far today, and this is all I have had to occupy myself with! I spent the day shooting things in RAW (something I am only just exploring) and editing them with my free trial of Photomatix Pro… which I am not the best at. All I did to this one was edit the brightness and contrast. Cop out? Perhaps.

I also tried my hand at creating a High Definition Range photograph, which didn’t go amazingly well either. Hopefully I can improve my editing and shooting skills enough to showcase some HDR in the near future, because it is one of my favourite styles of photography. I finally sniffed out my tripod which has been buried in the airing cupboard at home for months, which can only be a good thing.

Hopefully tomorrow I will bring you something exciting and new…


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