Snails. Snails Everywhere.

Today I discovered a colony of snails clinging onto the walls and ceiling of an underpass near to where I live. Needless to say it was unnerving and quite disgusting to look up and find a further infestation of creatures inside the lights of the underpass too. Some of the snails were even caught in spider webs at the top of the tunnel and I was understandably keen to leave the area – once I had gathered some snaps, of course.


This was a discovery I made on a walk down to the banks of the River Humber through some woods in North Ferriby (a small village in East Yorkshire near Hull). This walk is quite a creepy one and I came across some other very strange things on my travels which I may show y’all tomorrow. This includes some discarded coach seats and old computer parts. I shall also recount a tale of true death defiance on my part…

Clearly the weather has not been amazing, because I almost sank into the ground on numerous occasions. This also explains the sheer amount of molluscs littering my path. The other day I was walking home in torrential rain and accidentally murdered three snails. Most unfortunate.


2 thoughts on “Snails. Snails Everywhere.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I should hopefully find some more interesting Hull related things to blog about soon enough 🙂

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