The Wonders of the Humber…

Here are some more of the sights I beheld on my walk down by the River Humber yesterday. I could have included the photographs of my view of the Humber Bridge or something equally generic and picturesque, but by now you should know I’m not into all that attractive stuff – no matter what aspect of my life we’re talking about! I even managed to get some form graffiti in there somewhere as I walked through some woods in North Ferriby and back up Brickyard Lane in Melton, East Yorkshire.

The first picture (top left) is of a pair of coach seats I found having a lie down in some grass behind a broken barbed wire fence… a section of which you can see underneath. Brickyard Lane industrial estate is not the most picturesque place in the world and tends to be a dumping ground for anything anyone doesn’t want. Next to this there was a marsh-like area which I inspected from a distance incase I found any dead things dwelling there.

Other things you might find down the foreshore include dangerous, half-empty gas canisters that you’d usually find at caravan sites, a multitude of old computer casings and old dog toys. Coincidentally, I came across two dogs who had been rolling in the muddy banks of the river, who greeted me with two great big paws to the torso, which was, er, nice!

During this walk I also got lodged in some shrubbery in an attempt to take an alternative route to the one which would have had me up to my eyes in sludge.  Turns out my new route was worse, and caused a fair amount of spiky plants to puncture my leg. On my way home I encountered a tracksuited man in a truck, with terrible facial hair and a huge blade, skulking into the bushes. Needless to say I made a swift departure.

In my third photo, I was in the woods – following ‘The Wolds Way’ trail or something similar – and had just crossed an old railway bridge with some cool graffiti on it – which is not shown here, obviously. I just liked the composition of this image through my viewfinder and therefore I have included it to help tell the story the magnificent adventure that I experienced yesterday…


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