Ab-shell-utely Fabulous!

When I get bored, I like to watch my two pet tortoises go about their daily routine. This involves coming outside and waiting for someone to switch their heat lamp on at around lunch time; basking for hours; becoming animated when it’s time to eat their lettuce and cucumber pellets; being taken outside for a ‘run’ on the decking (which my father has converted into a large tortoise complex complete with tunnels…), before finally retiring in the early evening.

They don’t have names, because we sort of forgot to give one to them and now we feel it’s a bit too late in the day. At the moment they are about the size of my hands, and these particular tortoises – Hermann’s Tortoises – grow to about 6-8 inches. No jokes please! One used to be smaller than the other so we could initially tell them apart, but now it’s caught up and I can’t even tell from pictures which one is which. Why should I need to if they don’t have names?!

The best thing about this pet, is that they defy conventional stereotypes and are, in-fact, quite quick movers when they want to be! When these two are out in the garden they will spot a tiny ant on the floor and go running off in the opposite direction which caused much hilarity the first time we saw it happen. One day I hope to put a smaller animal on top of the tortoises and watch it ride around on  their backs. Not sure a kitten would be the best idea, though.

Tortoises are one of my favourite animals and I am quite enthusiastic if I spot one on TV, in pictures or in a Zoo etc. My other favourite animals include alpaca, penguins, dogs (whippets, sausage dogs  and mongrels in particular!) and much, much more. I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my animal preferences and short profiling of my pet tortoises. Oh, and you had better appreciate the effort it took me to think of a shell-related pun…


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