These two photographs were taken two years apart, of two different people in locations extremely close by to one-another. The first picture is of a busker down one of Hull’s main shopping streets, taken two Summer’s ago. I was in town specifically to do a shoot and I saw this guy. I knew I had to take a picture of him but I am quite shy when it comes to street photography. Luckily I built up the courage to get this one… and the awesome thing about it is that he looked up at me just as I took the picture. The result is this really great shot that is still one of my favorites I have taken to this day.

The only thing that annoys me about it though, is that in the background you can see one of the many promotional displays that Hull City Council decided to paste all over the city that year, in a bid to gather punters to the area for events such as the Freedom Festival. It showcased both local bands and artists alongside bigger names such as Florence and the Machine, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays and Peter Andre (roll out the red carpet!). Strangely, despite it being completely free, the festival has gone downhill since…

The man in the photograph on the right initially seemed to be in some kind of turmoil, but on closer inspection he was just shielding his face from a rare bout of sunshine. The benches outside Hull Maritime Museum seem to attract a large amount of below-par specimens of man or citizens who don’t appear to wash. This man here might not be one of these people…  But: I do have an aversion to guys who don’t have a body to boast about removing their shirts in the middle of town. For some reason the trolley/bag/things you’d usually find an old woman walking about with really makes this picture for me.

I love Hull, it’s the city I was born in. That said, I have grown up on the outskirts in a very middle-class village. I don’t forget my roots though and although many people in Hull look like rejected extras from straight-to-DVD zombie films, I do enjoy people watching because as the saying goes… it’s never dull in Hull!


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