The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Share

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the ‘unofficial official’ photographer for my cousin Faye and her now-husband Adrian’s wedding. It was my first experience of actual responsibility when it came to photography and the fact that I was doing it for close family put me under a lot of pressure! These are just a couple of snaps from the day which I might use as a basis for a new portfolio. I have never had a portfolio before so now might be a good time to start.

I am terrible at telling people what to do which makes me think I am probably not cut out to work with humans! Having said that, after yesterday my confidence has grown slightly and maybe one day I will start doing some more commissions of this kind. Before that though, I need to actually better myself at the skills of photographing events and people to a professional standard.

It was a great wedding and I always love it when my family comes together. Despite the hardships my family has been through, we are a very close one and we care a lot about each other – as families should. When I turned up yesterday, my cousin looked amazing in her dress and everyone was well-behaved, children and adults alike! The pictures here are of the bride herself getting out of the car at the wedding reception and their amazing cake which could induce even the healthiest of people into one big sugar coma!

I have spent a lot of today removing red-eye from a tonne of the photographs, because I am a little bit crap at taking pictures in the dark and rather than change things like aperture on the camera I just stick the flash on. After months and months of owning my Nikon D3100 I still have not bothered to learn how to do this properly… This needs to change because I ended up having to delete half of the images!

I have a long way to go… but I now plan on getting there in quick time! If anyone has any advice regarding portfolios, wedding photography or just general technical advice, feel free to educate me.


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