Plastic Surgery

I recently read this post on WordPress about famous movie scenes re-created in Lego and it reminded me of something similar I did with Playmobil a while back. I was bored one afternoon and had two huge bits of card that I was using for some graphic products coursework, so I constructed a ‘studio’ by stacking one against the wall and placing one on the floor… innovative!

I played with Playmobil up until I was quite old – like early teens or something. I have no shame either because these kids toys were awesome and I never wanted to get rid of them. Without trying to sound like a moaning old git, it’s not like the awful stuff you get now. I also loved Lego and the original ‘girl-friendly’ Belleville Lego which had people with realistic leg, arm and hip joints. Creepy perhaps but better than toys like Moxie Girls (a rip off of Bratz, which was a rip off of Barbie) and all that trash.

Here are my Playmobil surgeons being put to good use after I became too old to actually play with them, using my make-shift backdrop, and on the left there is a dramatically posed Playmobil firefighter. The firefighter picture looks like the DVD cover for a feature-length Playmobil disaster movie or something due to the intense shadow and light thing going on there. Some might say I had too much time on my hands… and I would agree.

The quality of the pictures are grainy as hell due to the fact that I didn’t care about ISO in the slightest, but nevertheless I don’t think it ruins them. Sometimes I like to have grain in my images, it makes it look kinda cool, depending on the subject though. If anyone asks, this was the effect I was actually aiming for, haha!

In some ways I think I had a lot more imagination back then when it came to taking pictures (which could have been down to having no friends or being bored most of the time), so I have been inspired to go buy myself some Lego. I am soon to be moving into a house with a small child living there, so that’s my excuse if anyone asks why I have suddenly collected a mass of children’s toys…


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