Different Scales

The best thing about being back in Salford after my long trips home is that I can get back out into Manchester and do what I love best which is exploring and taking pictures of amazing street art. I’m starting to recignize the work of certain artists by their style now too, which can only be a cool thing.

As per usual the stuff I came across today was mainly in and around the Northern Quarter and these two pieces in my blog today were both found very close by to a multi-story  car park just by Afflecks Palace. I decided to go to one of the middle levels to get a great close up shot of a section of a massive mural on a wall next to it, which is what you can see in the image on the right. I also took some zoomed out pictures of the whole thing to illustrate just how amazing the entire piece is and give it some context. This piece belongs to the Subism Collective, which you can find out more about here.

When I came down from the car park I found this little stenciled art of Wonder Woman on one of the fire exit doors. You find stuff like this all over in pretty much every city but that, to me, doesn’t make them any less fun to spot and to enjoy. Id love to do art like this myself but I just don’t think I have the balls or the imagination to come up with something cool. It must be fun to leave tiny examples of your art all over a city for people to come across by accident.

I put these two pieces together because they illustrate the way that one city can have such a variety of street art in such a small area. The scales of these artworks are so different, and yet the subject of both are women, they are both prime examples of the umbrella term ‘street art’ and I believe – from looking at them – they have both been created in the same mediums. One is on a massive, professional scale but that doesn’t take anything away from the other.


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