Liars Pineapple

Here is a couple more of the pictures I took yesterday in Manchester. The first is a sign directing people towards Liars Club (obviously) which is a cocktail bar near Back Bridge Street just as you get into the city centre. I’ve not been there myself but from what I can see from the outside it is decorated to look exactly like a Hawaiian bar – if we’re going by the stereotypes of palm trees and bamboo that is. This painted pineapple made me smile, and it shows that cute bits of art are also used for commercial purposes too! It was located one or two streets away from the bar itself down a back alley which is presumably used for cargo loading/unloading so I am glad I spotted it.

The second image here is the better one content-wise, purely due to the excitement and happiness I felt at coming across some Wheatpaste creations. It’s a really pretty picture to look at and I’d love to know who did it. The bird in the cage is meant to be an origami one, which adds to the quirk. Normal bird in a cage? Boring. Paper bird in cage? Wheatpaste material apparently! But yeah, I really love this, it’s a shame it’s kind of peeling off, the glue must not have worked very well. Either that or it’s just really old and I’ve only just seen it. I almost caved in and bought some liquid glue to stick it back down… but then I sensibly decided against it.

I am a fan of the composition of these two images. They are quite similar, which is why I paired them together in this post. Usually I am dreadful at getting my framing anything other than wonky as hell, so everything went better than expected here! Any horizon lines are usually diagonal…  I didn’t have to rotate these by about five degrees on Paint Shop Pro for once in my life! I do have a tripod, but I just don’t feel the love for carrying it around town with me because I feel self-conscious enough about taking my pictures as it is.

I have another couple of photographs from yesterday left to upload in the next few days, I just hope that the next time I go into town there is yet more new and awesome pieces for me to find and share with you all.


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