Rage Face? Challenge Accepted.

So I found this the other day. Being a Reddit and Memebase enthusiast (…lurker) I knew exactly what this was when I spotted it and therefore did a happy/excited dance inside my head at this fact. This is a Rage Face, namely the ‘Challenge Accepted’ Rage Face. It is one of a few of the same face that have been pasted in Manchester that I discovered by accident when glancing at the floor behind me on my way out of town (around about St Mary’s parsonage/Bridge Street if I remember rightly).

When I got home I typed in the web address it was promoting and this is what I found. It’s a kind of Summer camp for teenagers where they can learn team building and socialising. Seemingly it’s for those who have trouble doing this sort of thing, to help them build up their confidence and learn news skills. I sometimes wish I could have gone to some form of Summer, because I was never the most popular or confident teenager. There’s probably a massive correlation to the type of teens that would benefit from this Summer camp and those who sit on Reddit all day instead of venturing out into society, now that I think about it… Good advertising ploy there!

I felt smug about the fact that I was probably one of few people who saw this art/advert pasted onto the floor and actually fully understood the origin and meaning behind this ‘cartoon’. I love discovering people who are into memes and rage comics so I had half the mind to stand there and watch for people’s reactions if they saw it; to see if they pulled the same expression of happiness and understanding that I did, which would most probably have looked like this…


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