If I can’t Go To Heaven

I found this off Thomas Street in Manchester, nearby to the Muslim Youth Foundation. When I wandered down there the other day there was a guy standing outside the foundation who stopped me to ask if I was a photographer. I said no, but that I wanted to be one. He asked me what I took pictures of and I said, well, mainly street art and urban stuff. He seemed disappointed that I didn’t photograph dangerous things. Not entirely sure what he meant by ‘dangerous’ to be honest. One day I would like to do some Urban Exploration but I don’t think I am quite ready for that yet…

This sort of stuff here is about as dangerous as it gets for me at the moment; going down side-streets. So you better watch out because I am clearly fearless and bad-ass. Here in this picture are two doors (leading to what I don’t quite know), with some quite weird graffiti on them. I really like this saying that this  BCAT person has used: “If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to L.A”. This is actually a lyric from a song called Shangri – La by Yacht.  This is that song:


I don’t mind this song at all, and I think these lyrics specifically hold quite a lot of meaning, but I won’t analyse them here, I’ve written quite enough! I do get the feeling when I look at this though, that I am not even in the UK. It looks like something that would be more at home in inner-city parts of American states like New York, or California itself.

The characters that have been created here remind me of a praying mantis or something similar, I think it’s quite different and interesting. I love the effect created by them having not broken the line at all when actually painting it. Clearly someone has tried to remove the paint from the door on the left at some point but given up half way through doing it. Thankfully the impact of the art is still there!


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