A Fisheye View

So I finally got my beautiful Polaroid Fisheye Lens to fit my camera (oh my Lord I love it I love it), and in doing so I realised it also has a detachable macro lens with it, which is nice. The macro lens is actually what created this black pinhole effect. I bought one separately at the time so clearly I didn’t pay enough attention to what I was doing… but it’s all worked out fine in the end!  The picture above isn’t that great, the shutter was too long when I took it I think, and I wasn’t holding it particularly still. I have uploaded it anyway because I really like the actual composition and subject of it. I took the pictures on a whim, which is why I didn’t really pay much attention to how I was taking them, and what would look good or bad.

These were taken from the window of one of Salford’s many high-rise tower blocks on the 19th floor as the sun was going down. I plan on getting some better ones one day when the sun is still out and I remember to keep the camera still enough to not ruin it. There was a mist out that evening also, hence why I have increased the contrast (plus I am a bit of a high contrast junkie, it’s an unhealthy photography habit I know). I did get some better quality ones but managed to get the edges of the windows in the frame which ruined it. Needless to say, I am still learning when it comes to this lens and settings which work best for it.

The camera was actually on automatic at the time, but apparently, automatic isn’t particularly awesome or helpful  when using fisheye. In future I’ll be better off using all manual settings, once I’ve brushed up on what does what. The last  time I learnt about camera settings was about two years ago and my memory isn’t the best. Slowly I am reteaching myself. I have taken some really cool pictures of objects up-close with this lens too, the macro works amazingly, but only on manual focus. The picture I have used in my new header was taken using this lens and I think it looks really cool, very commercial!


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