Out and About: Mancs

(Click on the image for a better view!)

This is another installment of pictures which were taken by me whilst I was people-watching. The two outside photographs were taken as I was stood on the top floor of a multi story car park, the same place that I took pictures of a large street art mural (which you can see a couple of posts back somewhere). I cheated a bit by taking them from this location as it meant I wouldn’t have to work very hard to be sneaky, and sneaky it was!

The man on the left was having a cigarette break outside one of Manchester’s many pubs, this one looks like quite a working class pub. I’ve not been in many Manchester pubs, I usually dwell around Salfordian pubs only. The picture quality isn’t the greatest but my people-watching skills weren’t going particularly well on the day I took these so I chose to include this one anyway. He looks pretty similar to the guy in the image on the right hand side actually, perhaps a lot of middle-aged to old men in Manchester sport this kind of look.

The man on the right was waiting at a bus stop and eating chips! If it wasn’t for the messy background of car wheels I would really like this picture, it’s a good action shot and the general composition isn’t too shabby. Just don’t zoom in and you wont see the lack of quality (yet again!).

Finally, the picture in the middle is of a man and his lovely dog going about their daily work of selling a working class/homeless persons magazine – I forget which it was. This wasn’t taken from the comfort of my car park, therefore I only took pictures of these two when this pooch’s owner was looking the other way. In reality I just really liked his dog, and I like taking pictures of people working in the street… (not ladies of the night though!).


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