Altrincham Street

These images were taken down Altrincham Street in Manchester, which is pretty much in the middle of the Manchester University campus and as per usual I didn’t know it existed until yesterday when I found myself lost, what’s new?! This street is very narrow, on one side there is a car park (I seem to be finding a lot of these recently!) and on the other is the railway. The railway track is above ground level, under which there are many old brick arches covered with masses of graffiti and littered with discarded blankets and bottles.

I was quite unnerved by my find at first because it is clearly often used as a camping ground for homeless people. Call me a snob but the broken bottles and strange items such as old clothing they had all left behind made me think twice about walking further down there for slight fear there would still be someone making use of the shelter. In the end I decided to be brave and ended up finding some really awesome stuff.

I also have photographs of some of the (fairly) newly painted artwork down New Wakefield Street off Oxford Road which has just been around since this year’s Eurocultured festival. Every year they repaint the walls down this one street, in my archives you can find some of the work from the previous year. Down this street some time in the last week and a bit I found another piece of Wheatpaste art by ‘Sneak’, someone whose work I have written about in another previous post.

I took so many pictures on this day that it was hard for me to pick the best ones for this blog, even if I did multiple posts I wouldn’t have been able to decide which ones to use!  So I have set up a public page on Facebook where you will be able to find the best images from any ‘shoots’ I do, including ones I don’t include here. This is currently being set up by me very slowly, which is why it will probably be quite bare for while.

Please forgive me for being pompous and including watermarks on my new images, it just makes me feel better about myself on the off-chance that someone has the desire to take one of my images. All of the photography belongs to me, but the art obviously remains the property of the person who created it… so I take no credit for that! I just stumble upon them. I am eternally grateful they give me something to do with my time!


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