Oxford Road Wheatpaste

On Oxford Road the other day I spotted two wheatpaste pieces which were significant to me, a) because the one on the right is by ‘Sneak’ – someone who I have featured heavily in this blog if you have been following it – and b) because the one on the left is the same ‘origami-bird-in-a-cage’ design that I have photographed on the other side of town for a previous post. I came back to Oxford Road today purely to capture these two on camera before their quality was diminished further.

I wish I had noticed the ‘Sneak’ piece before two days ago because it’s clearly not very new and people have defaced it with generic penis doodles and added extra things to it like ‘you make me wet’… which is certainly interesting and not even slightly juvenile… *cough*. It is located on a bridge very close by to Man Met’s Uni buildings, not very far along the road. I managed to buy myself a Futureheads and OK Go CD from the Man Met book/CD sale pretty much at the same time which was cool.

I am still in the dark as to who pastes the origami bird images round town but as per I would love to know, I wish more street artists would put websites or tags on their art for people like me who what to find out more! Unless of course it would get them into trouble. I recently emailed ‘Sneak’ to ask him a few questions and let him know I enjoy his work, I am hoping that if he replies I can get him to shed some light on who has created this other art.

I love Oxford Road, so I have spent a lot of time exploring it’s lengths recently. I sometimes feel somewhat out-of-place, what with being a Salford Uni student, because it is home to both of the main Manchester universities’ unions. I go to Manchester Academy a lot to see bands and I like a lot of the bars, pubs and venues (such as The Deaf Institute, Grand Central pub and The Academy) despite having not spent that much time down there. It’s definitely got more character than the places in Deansgate and central Manchester itself but that seems to be down to the fact that Oxford Road is overrun with students, and we know how quirky they like to be.

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