Leonard and Michael

These pictures are of my cousin’s two-year-old son Michael and a dog that he met today whilst me and my family attended an Olympics event at my Grandmother’s care home. I love spending time with my family, especially on days like this one. The dog in this picture is a 10-month-old puppy called Leonard who belonged to someone else visiting their elderly relative. As well as Leonard, the care home also welcomed two other dogs, family and friends, served food and hosted simplified sports games for the residents of the home.

Prizes for the residents who won each game (such as ‘javelin’ in which they threw assorted pens into a large bin,haha) included chocolate gold coins. My grandma was too interested in showering Michael, her great grandson, with attention than earning a medal. Michael instead took her place and won himself one. How sweet… He also started a love/hate relationship with another toddler called Jessie and they squabbled multiple times over who got to slide down the bollard in the garden.

As well as Leonard, another relative brought along a dog called Ozzy, and another a geriatric terrier named Molly. Some might say that a humid day with dogs, children and old people sounds like absolute hell, but I actually had a really nice time. Care homes make me feel generally depressed about life, but I could tell how much days like this meant to many of the people there and it proves to me that not all care homes are run like prisons for psychopaths.

My cousin has ‘commissioned’ me many times to take pictures of Michael since he was very young, and he always provides me with plenty of fun stuff to capture on film! This was not one of those times in which I was commissioned or anything, I just felt like I wanted to share my day with y’all and show you some less serious, personal stuff I like to take pictures of in my life.


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