‘Capper Pass’ in HDR

I downloaded a trial version of Photomatix Pro for my laptop a while back and I have finally got round to creating something substantial with it.  It’s an editing program designed for making High Dynamic Range photography. In Laman’s Terms this is when you ‘map’ together multiple images of the same thing with various different exposures, to create one image with a massive tone variation. HDR is one of my favourite types of photography, so I’d love to be able to do this more often.

As I said, I do only have the trial version which is why there are two very annoying Photomatix watermarks on it (along with my own self-important one across the top). There was another watermark right across the middle of the image too but I decided to be crafty and Photoshop it out. Those of you with a keen eye will be able to tell. Those of you with a not-so-keen eye will probably notice too, as I have never been an expert with Photoshop (I often mention this in the hope that you will be sympathetic towards me rather than critical, ha!)

Photomatix Pro in use.

I stumbled across a photography gold mine when I was shown this location. I was walking the dog in my village with my parents when my dad took us here to show us what the old Capper Pass factory site now looks like. This famous factory’s main chimney was demolished on the day I was born, and was quite a significant event at the time. In my loft we still have the newspaper from the day of my birth with a picture of it being blown up on the front. Many suggested that Capper Pass was creating dangerous radiation by doing things it shouldn’t have been, and that this  is why there was a heightened number of localised children getting types of cancer. It’s all very interesting.

Having seen the site as it is now though, I can understand why it gets a sinister reputation. It’s covered in dumped objects, such as an abundance of computer monitor cases and even some number plates. There was also a strange little river/canal thing surrounded by some old machinery that only spanned a few meters. I half expected some mutant bodies to be floating in there, or for some illegal sludge that rots you from the inside to be bubbling under the massive, round concrete containers that are buried into the floor. A highlight had to be the rotting pigeon inside a corrugated shed.

Pleasant times all round!


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