Humber Street Sesh

Today I went to an event in my home town called the Humber Street Sesh. It was a celebration of music and art originating from Hull, idea spawned from the ‘Sesh Warehouse Gigs’ played at another music event in the city last year called Feedom Festival. Today, over 100 musicians, numerous DJs, street artists and market stalls invaded Humber Street – home to some of the trendiest venues in  town (cringe) such as Fruit, where I reviewed and interviewed folk-pop band The Musgraves for another blog of mine earlier this year.

If ever there was a visual definition of the word Hipster this would probably be it! To some this may sound like a bad thing but it was like a playground for me. Street art performances, stalls full of tie dye and cut-off denim, photography prints for sale… you name it, I was excited by it – ooh er! I only stuck around long enough to hear two or three bands because I was being a boring, tired, old woman and needed my rest! BUT: The bands I did see were really cool (Nineties Boy and local yet very professional-sounding band Copenhagen to name names). And I ended up coming away with a very acceptable tank top with a vintage camera printed on the front for fifteen quid and a wooden photographic print of an iconic Hull musician for a mere fiver.

I plan on attending more events like this one – whether it be in Manchester, Hull or somewhere else – where I can be a part of something a bit different and under the radar. They’re great places for photography opps, for finding music to love and for getting a taster of a new and interesting culture in a city dominated by utter chavs. Success!

To see a whole bunch of photographs from the Humber Street Sesh, you can visit my Facebook page here.


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