Edinburgh Street Art

Welcome to part one of three posts I will be dedicating to my 10-day excursion into Edinburgh! In this entry I will be talking about what I love best: street art! Although on this occasion it would be described best as Graffiti, I was still able to find some really cool stuff. The image above is my favourite of hundreds of photographs I have taken recently. This is due to not only the contents of the image itself but also the colours and idea behind it too! I just think it’s really clever and neat.

I found this piece – and a number of others – down quieter streets nearby Edinburgh Waverly train station, most of which art seems to have been created by the same person. I found at least four of the same Skull tag on streets all leading off from one-another, which you can see pictures of on my Facebook page!

As the Fringe (a massive, world-renowned comedy festival on the periphery of Edinburgh’s main arts festival) is on at the moment I felt the need to get away from the ridiculous crowds down the Royal Mile and try to get back to taking photographs of what I usually enjoy the most!  This find was sprayed onto a make-shift wooden wall preventing entry into a demolition site, probably where some old houses used to be.

Sadly I was unable to get into the grounds because if I had I probably would have found a gazillion other cool paintings/tags to capture on camera. Speaking of Urban Exploration however, I went into a shop into called Fopp  whilst I was there (I would recommend it for any lovers of music, film and artzy things) and bought a book called ‘Out Of Sight’, which is a photographic of exactly what it says on the tin: art in abandoned spaces. On my way out in the street I also bought some small yet AMAZING art prints by a guy called Gerry Gapinski of Photoshopped, industrial Edinburgh!

Please do become a fan on Facebook (a link to which you can find at the top of this page!)  to see some more  images of the Skull Tag and explore more of the photographs I have to offer! Stay with me in the next few days and I will be writing about some more of the experiences I have had on this amazing holiday.


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