Arthur’s Seat

Welcome to post number two of my Edinburgh adventure. This time I am going to ramble on about the pictures I took on the day I walked  up the highest ‘hill’ in the city. Arthur’s Seat used to be a volcano I believe, although don’t quote me on that. Whenever I arrive in Edinburgh it is one of the first things I see and wow it’s a sight to behold! It seemingly watches over the landscape in a non-menacing way. I walked to the bottom of it one day and saw the people at the top, then deciding: “hey, I’ve already walked up one hill this week, let’s go for it”.

The sight at the top is even more spectacular than the sight of the thing itself. I didn’t actually walk all the way up I have to admit, I did reach the summit but got a car half the way, sigh! A lot of people had hiked all the way up for the incredible views and there were plenty of people sat at the top taking pictures of themselves hanging onto the dial that marks the highest point of city for dear life. You could see as far as Fife. I was one of the people taking pictures, and yes I got  a lot of the scenery, but I was more interested in getting people in the frame. Pictures of people taking pictures can either be a really lame thing to do or look quite cool.

I like to think that these images of this gentleman with his DSLR aren’t lame. I was drawn to him because I liked his camera and his jacket, how insightful of me! I got plenty of other pictures, one of a boy teetering on the edge of the rocks at the top eating chocolate and one of a girl lying in the grass reading with miles upon miles of Scotland visible in the background. I like that one so much I put it here for y’all to see too!

I have said many times before and will say it again, generic touristy photographs really annoy me, I take them because I somehow feel obliged too, but I like to think I made these ones a little bit less generic by secretly including members of the public in them too!

In my third and final blog I will be writing a more personal blog, which will be about my feelings towards the Fringe Festival itself and showing you some of the pictures of actual performers I took! Check out my Facebook for the whole range of Edinburgh snaps, the link to which is at the top of this page!


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