An Urban Menagerie

You may have noticed a lack of posts on my part recently – those of you who follow this blog closely may have been expecting a final Edinburgh-related entry. Unfortunately I let time run away with me and I have had quite a busy few weeks trying to sort out my life a little bit. After a nice break from blogging I am back with something a little bit more ‘me’.

A few weeks ago I purchased a disposable camera and had since been using it to randomly capture anything I felt like capturing. On this 0ne occasion last week when I was wandering down Thomas Street in the Norther Quarter (yes, there again, I’m sorry!), I found a side street down which someone had stenciled some really cute urban animals onto the side of a wall.

Annoyingly, I didn’t have my DSLR with me for once in my entire life – trust that to happen when I find something cool for the first time in weeks! But what I did have was my disposable camera, so I used that instead! I have to say that the results were better than I was expecting, the other half of this batch of prints were God-awful. 7 quid for about 10 good photographs is a bit steep but then again I can only blame myself… I took half of them on a drunk night out whilst walking home in the dark.

Anyway, so here is a scan of the good prints I managed to get of the animal street art. I might save the negatives of these especially and use them to make my own, bigger prints the next time I am near a dark room! A couple of other prints of some different art will be available to view on my Facebook page in the near future, if I ever manage get my arse in gear that is!


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