Piccadilly Protests

As I made my way towards Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester on my way home from a busy afternoon playing photographer at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque fair, I came across a large number of police officers, some of which were on horseback. I knew something had to be going on, which is when I heard the shouting – well, chanting.

Piccadilly Gardens often plays host to events like flash mobs, as I found out last year when confronted by a large number of One Direction’s dancing fangirls. This time though, a huge number Muslim protesters had gathered in the centre of the gardens, surrounded by the police. I didn’t stay long enough to find out what it was that they were specifically there for, but a lot of the posters seen here are self-explanatory.

A protest involving religion and war?! Who’d ‘ave thunk it!

What made me laugh was that after I had taken these photographs, I was cornered by a number of different Christians handing out obscure leaflets in the hope that I would see the light and convert. Never let it be said that Manchester is not a diverse and interesting place!


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