Scare-lem o’ th’ Heights!

Irlam o’th’ Heights in Salford played unwilling host to a gang-related shooting last night. Always being the last to find out about anything, I was unaware of this until I got home from a friend’s house, about five hours after it had happened! I turned a corner to make my way up towards the street that I live on, and it was blocked off with crime scene tape, police vans and there was even a helicopter circling overhead. Needless to say, I was shocked.

I was told to walk the long way round to reach my house and as soon as I got indoors I Googled and Tweeted to find out what the hell had happened. Being the ultimate worrier, I naturally feared the worst and started looking for body bags! Grim. But no one was hurt. A window and a door were damaged apparently –  in one of the many shootings that have happened in the Salford area of Greater Manchester recently.

When I moved here straight from student halls, I thought it was a family-friendly, pleasant area compared to a lot of places in Salford. Even the most loyal Salfordians cannot deny that this city isn’t exactly the safest one to live in, but it’s a different story when in the space of two weeks your own housemate’s car gets smashed into and a gang member shoots up a house in the street next to yours! The police might as well set up shop in my living room the amount of times they’ve been round ‘ere!

Being the curious soul that I am, I went down to the scene of the crime with the intention of taking some photographs. The looks I was getting from one of the police officers on guard put me off however, so I chickened out and stood miles away. The result is some very mediocre images, but it’s better than nothing!


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