Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair

A few weeks ago now I got myself a photo pass for the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair, which was really cool because up until then I’d never had a photo pass for anything before. At the event I was surrounded by people who were way above me in terms of skill and experience but thankfully that didn’t phase me too much and as a result I actually came out with some fairly good images.

I found using all manual settings for a shoot for the first time really hard, but I did get the hang of it in the end and  I now fully understand the benefits of being able to adjust shutter speeds and ISO freely (especially under the very dark and smokey conditions of this event). Some of my images were quite grainy but luckily I shot in RAW (another first time for me!) and was able to fix this. Some of the photographs actually benefit from a slight grain, as it just adds that little something. I know what you’re thinking, but no, that’s not just me making excuses!

The fair itself was pretty cool, everyone was very friendly and I especially loved the Steam Punk tea party themed stall. If I hadn’t had to give a tenner in for a photo pass deposit I would have bought some of the amazing illustrations that were up for sale… and probably some cyber punk goggles and a gimp mask… Don’t judge.

I posted the full set of photographs from this event on my Facebook page a while back now, but I realised today that I never went through with my promise of posting some on here, so here are a few of my best from the day.


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