Shifty Eyes

For a while now, my usual hobby of photographing the street art of Manchester and Salford has taken a back seat whilst my mind has been on other things. So today, for the first time in weeks, I actually got myself out into the city to see what I could find!

Granted, there wasn’t much new, but what I did find was really cool and although a lot of it has probably been around for a while this is the first chance I’ve had to actually get some snaps! This featured image – which I am inclined to call ‘shifty eyes’ despite the fact that the artist probably has a better name for it – is my best from today.

I found it outside the Fred Aldous art shop. There is plenty of professional street art around this area which I really love, and the fact that this kind of art is becoming more and more accessible can only be a good thing in my eyes!

For this shot, I ramped up the contrast and used a tilt-shift effect on my DSLR pre-upload, which I think works well to emphasize the eyes of these creepy old men! For some reason though, my favourite aspect of this image is the shrubbery growing from their noses!

The second image here is of a small piece of Wheatpaste which I found in the same area. One of my all time favourite finds was a Wheatpaste down Chapel Street in Salford of an octopus, so as soon as I saw this one I knew it was obviously by the same person.  I actually plan on one day getting the first octopus piece I ever found tattooed on the inside of my arm, so if anyone out there knows of the artist behind these tentacled creations, please let me know!

I used a fisheye lens for this one, which turned out pretty cool even if I do say so myself… You can find the rest of the images I took today on my Facebook page over here. Although, being the lazy so-and-so that I tend to be, they probably wont be up there for another few days!


2 thoughts on “Shifty Eyes

    1. Thanks so much for this I have been wanting to know who has been painting these images for ages. It’s good to be able to actually tell people who painted them. I sometimes find it hard to get the info.

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