Constructing a Pin Hole Camera

Despite the fact that I am a student – and very much jobless –  I can’t resist buying unnecessary items such as this. This is a fully assembled Kikkerland Pin Hole Camera. I bought this flat-packed from an art shop for a tenner, even though I could in theory just make one from an old box if I wanted to…

I have to say, the assembly process could have gone significantly smoother.Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The instructions and pop-out net for the camera didn’t actually correlate with one another.
  • As a result, I had to rip open the net a few times after the glue had dried to insert some more of the parts.
  • The mechanism that turns the film wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to serve its purpose.
  •  I attempted to reinforce the aforementioned mechanism, eventually giving up and gluing the end of the film to it.
  • It took me at least ten minutes to figure out what to even do with the shutter.
  • The picture on the front of the box wasn’t even slightly helpful when the instructions continued to boggle my mind.






Considering all of these unfortunate factors, I think things mostly turned out okay. Although I managed to expose half of the flipping reel in the process of testing that it actually worked, I think I will get some fun out of this. I used a 35mm black and white film so that I can take the exposed film back to the dark room at my old sixth form next month and use their resources.

When I next get some free time I will be testing this ‘kit’ out. There are instructions on how long to expose the film for in certain conditions and advice on how many turns are needed to roll the film on properly, so nothing should go wrong… in theory.

I will post the results of my experiment into the world of pin hole photography here when they are developed. If anything, you should at least be able to get a good laugh out of ’em.


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