Happy Halloween!

…Well, for yesterday at least!

I spent the run up to Halloween searching the length and depth of Salford for a pumpkin – which I eventually found after much stress!  I  was therefore then able to coerce my friend – who doesn’t celebrate Halloween – into carving it for me. This was the final result. We also used the poor thing’s insides for soup, which was awesomely tasty.

I’d call myself creative and arty but on this occasion, a) I knew I would end up cutting a piece of my own hand off and b) I had no inspiration. So my friend came up with a Mayan calendar face idea (how appropriate this year!). In the end it turned out better than I expected, despite getting myself into a mood in the middle of it all and wanting to throw the pumpkin at a wall. I wasn’t even the one doing it!

I hope everyone had a good time yesterday. My housemate’s little girl spent the night being sick apparently…  I did that once. I wish I could say it was from eating too many sweets but… no. I just caught an inevitable Winter stomach bug and projectile vomited all over my settee.

Happy holidays!


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