A Pet Ain’t Just For Christmas

DSC_0935Christmas is supposed to be for friends, family, fun and food (of course there really should be a religious element in there too…) but the festive season does have a dark side. Animals belong with people who are committed and competent when it comes to looking after them, which is why buying someone a pet for Christmas on a total whim is NOT a good idea.

DSC_0912The old saying ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ applies to all animals, not just pooches, as we should all know by now! So many unwanted pets end up in places like the one in my photographs and that’s just sad. The Hull Animal Welfare Trust centre is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. They look after their animals a lot better than most of their previous owners… But their ultimate aim is to get them back into a loving home where they belong!

DSC_0981I went along today to do some interviews and take some pictures as part of my University assignment, so I thought I would share some of these amazing animals with you all. I also get to introduce you all to a trio of amazing rabbits that my family are in the process of adopting! Their owner was going to feed them to his snake if this charity wasn’t willing to take them… There are some heartless people in this world!

DSC_0861Please don’t buy an animal for someone as a present unless you are 100 percent positive that the novelty wont ware off after a few weeks and that the pet will be fully looked after. Places like the Hull Animal Welfare Trust are very picky about where their animals go, but a lot of chain pet shops? Not so much. Treat animals well, they deserve our protection and love. ESPECIALLY at this time of year!




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