A Real Street Gallery


As I was walking through Salford the other day I came across these pieces of art painted on wooden canvases. I see these types of drawings a fair bit around the city but I can’t say I have ever seen stuff done on canvas and stuck to an outside wall before. I thought this was a neat idea and it put a smile on my face.

I have got out of the habit of taking my DSLR with me everywhere I go nowadays (something which I need to start doing again before I lose the skill and/or desire completely) so I got a couple of pictures on my smartphone. That’s right… a smartphone! Try not to get too excited.

This is no excuse for my shoddy framing, I have to admit. My real excuse for that is the fact that I was walking through Salford in winter and it started to snow. One does not simply have the time to stand around framing photographs when one’s fingers are turning blue.


I know, I know. My meme is bad and I should feel bad.

< Here is a better view to make up for it.


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