The Hotspur Press

This great building, located in the Deansgate area of Manchester, is an old disused textiles mill. I was first drawn to it because someone has taken it upon themselves to paint some of it purple and open – at least, I think it’s still open – a bar of some kind.

I took this photograph using a combination of my 55 – 200mm lens, Polaroid fish -eye lens, 10x macro lens and a UV filter. I love the way that zooming out means you can see the inside of one of the lenses.

Oh and before you say anything, yes, I love it when I get lens flare in my photography, I don’t know how anyone can think it looks bad on stuff like this!

If I could live in any kind of building I wanted to in the future I would pick somewhere like this hands down. There’s something about old factory buildings in the north that makes me far too happy for me to be considered normal.

I’ll be sat on my direct train back to Hull some weekends and I will never get tired of looking out at the vast amount of old industrial/mining towns that pass by the window.

Manchester is great for these kinds of buildings. It’s great how easily you can just turn down a corner away from the city centre and come across great structures like this one. I’d pick this building over a shiny glass-walled flat on the Quays any day of the week!



9 thoughts on “The Hotspur Press

    1. Oh really? That’s cool, I feel slightly silly now! Thank you though 🙂 I’d forgotten I’d even taken this photo! I love this area of town.

      1. Don’t feel silly, you weren’t far from the truth in all honesty. Not many business’ left now but I rent the top floor. Anything you’d like to know, I’d be happy to tell or find out

    2. Hi there Lee Fitzpatrick,

      I am an architecture student at Manchester and was wondering if it would be possible to come and see the space? Im currently doing a project on art galleries and would love to use the old textile mill as my site. I was just interested what the internal space is like in its current state.

    3. Hi Lee
      Do you still work here? Casson Percy who was one of the Percy brothers was my great grandad. He had passed away before I was born I think. I didn’t realise the building was still in use its great that it is.

    4. Hi lee,

      i was just enquiring if you would hire a space in the building out for a day? for a university short film.

      i hope to hear back from you,
      Emilee McGinnis

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