The Cliff

I’ve been away from the ‘blogosphere’ (ew) for quite some time due to moving house and having to organise my life. My new place is in a much safer, greener part of Salford and I am already very happy here. Up until today however I was yet to explore my surroundings properly.

Just a little way up my street is an area of town called ‘The Cliff’. I think I got lost here once last year because when I approached, the name rang a bell. The place looks and sounds to me like a suburban horror film location. I have only come across one other place like this before; somewhere called Point Clear near Clacton-on-Sea.

It became clear to me that I had stumbled into the only part of Salford – besides The Quays – that I would ever describe as both posh and rich. I fell in love instantly with the slightly run-down, Lilliput Lane style mansions and manor houses. I was also quick to realise I had entered Orthadox Jew territory.

(Apologies for the less-than-amazing quality of HDR toning in some of these images, just thought I would give it a go.)

Anyone who knows me will realise that this sort of thing is rather exciting for me as I am fascinated by Manchester and Salford’s Jewish community. I was even more surprised to find a Manchester United training ground plonked right in the middle of it all. I would include a photo but it wasn’t particularly exciting to look at!

When I was done exploring, I found myself a completely deserted playing field on the way home and ended up sunbathing in this ridiculous British heat for the best part of two hours. Here is me wearing some wannabe #SWAG Summer attire and being a bit of a loser in the sun.

Here’s to another Summer of adventures!


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