Salford’s Hidden Wild Side

In my previous post I wrote about how I had explored part of Salford known as The Cliff. A few days after writing this, I revisited the area with my boyfriend and we came across a hidden woodland pathway. This path turned out to be a few miles long and followed the curve of the River Irwell.

I finally understood why the sign said I was entering a conservation area!

In-between me overheating and complaining about my feet we actually discovered some really gorgeous locations. Even after years of living here neither of us really knew a place like this existed, it was almost like we had been transported somewhere completely different.

I say almost – because despite how deeply we ventured we still came across the odd local, views of distant council flats and discarded cans of polish beer. At one point I even found a toy car abandoned on a bench by the river, which I took home to add to my collection of useless objects.

Even though I would definitely class myself as a city-girl, I do love to visit rural areas, have a good wander and explore new environments. That’s why I am really happy knowing that a place like this lies just around the corner from my own home. Plus, it’s never a bad thing to know I have somewhere to go when everyday life gets too much.



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