Out House Update

Back in October last year I posted some photographs of street art by a group of artists known as Out House.

Between then and now, the pieces displayed on these three concrete blocks outside Fred Aldous has changed an umpteen amount of times.

As I haven’t documented these changes regularly I thought I would finally go back today and see what was there waiting for me.

My personal favourite of these three murals has to be the piece by @RP_ROBERTS, purely down to the more ‘fine art’ style of graffiti being used for it. Plus, I really love the dripping paint effect.

It made me smile to see a piece  by KELZO, as I have a poster of his on my wall, which I bought last year from Afflecks Palace.

I was in the Northern Quarter today for journalistic purposes – namely to get some good pictures of independent stores for a feature on Christmas shopping.

Copyright Steph Thompson

I managed to get this pic of Afflecks itself, which I thought I would share because I really enjoy the colour and composition.

untitled (8 of 8)

And finally, one last, little snap for all the street art lovers out there, a really cool drawing by an artist which can’t quite remember the name of off the top of my head, but that I have posted images from in the past.

It’s nice to be thinking about street art again.


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