Crabby Christmas Kitties

FrankThis is Frank. Frank is a homeless cat being cared for in Market Weighton’s Caring For Cats centre. Moody he may have been but his cuteness is something I could not deny!

I met him, plus a multitude of other ex-strays and abandoned cats today at their re-homing headquarters in East Yorkshire. I was there doing some work for a photojournalism assignment.

Last year I also visited a re-homing centre called The Hull Animal Welfare Trust around Christmas time. I wouldn’t recommend it because every time I go to these kinds of places I either want to take one home or cry for the state of humanity.

This time I was all right, because, as many would know, I am not exactly a cat person. I dislike most small kittens, puppies and baby things because I am indeed Satan. Old cats however, they’re kinda cool. They’re miserable and lazy like me, so it was hard not to enjoy the company of these unfortunate felines at Caring For Cats.

They were so cool in fact, that I wanted to show the world my three favourites: Frank, Star and Michael (the latter two can be seen below!) Apparently, black cats are very unpopular and the centre was almost overrun with them, which is pretty silly if you ask me. Black cats are unlucky, therefore owning one would be pretty bad-ass.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and I will see you all in the new year!


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