I finished my degree

After a couple of months off, I am trying to get myself back into the right state of mind for blogging.

Up until the 6th May I was overcome with the pressure of having a final project to complete. For those of you who aren’t in the know, this is the Salford Uni journalism course’s practical equivalent of a dissertation.

It was hard, it took a lot of effort and I have come out the other side of it with a 2:1, which is all right with me!

I have had the most interesting, terrible, amazing and mad three years of my life at university and although it is yet to really sink in, I  HAVE DONE IT! I am ready and willing to move on into the next chapter of my life.

I am now a full time job hunter and awaiting my graduation in July. My energy levels are pretty low and I don’t know how I am going to keep this blog going with the amount of other things currently going on in my life. But, I will try! To be honest it is nice to still have a hobby to fall back on.

All I have done with my spare time recently is go through a slow and painful mental breakdown. I seem to have come out of it now though, which is always nice.

I went into Manchester today with the intention of buying myself a copy of American Beauty on DVD. When I got off the bus I realised, to my utter horror, I had left my bank card at home and had a mere 50p to my name. So instead, I had a walk about and snapped some pics of some street art, because I hadn’t done so in such a long time.

Here’s a some cool shots I got. Enjoy!


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