Ken Barlow

Since I last blogged I’ve started a full-time job as a copywriter and secured my own flat. Life’s been pretty full-on but I feel like everything’s turned out the way it should. I’m proud of myself and I’m ready to explore this new chapter of my life. I graduated from university, and the way things are going, it’s unlikely I’ll look back and particularly miss the experience.

Recently, a colleague of mine revealed that she shared my interest in photography, but like me, she hasn’t had much of a chance to pursue it recently. So, one night after work we decided to go out and take some pictures. We’d both noticed some amazing graffiti on the tram from Manchester City Centre to Old Trafford – and decided this was the best place to start.

We chose to explore this location up-close and on-foot, because we’d admired it from afar so often. What we found in doing so was something far more detailed and intricate than we’d imagined. Just a short distance from the Cornbrook stop on the tram route is what seems like miles and miles of community art work and equally impressive street art.

So, as expected, here are my favourite photographs from the trip – including one I took of my colleague’s doll, which she brought along with her in the hope of grabbing some photos for her own blog, which you can find here. The rest are all fairly self-explanatory. And once you’ve had a look through them, you might then understand why I chose this title.


2 thoughts on “Ken Barlow

  1. Fantastic work, and thank you for including the link to my blog! What a great afternoon it was! My pics won’t be up until next weekend. I think we probably found the most colourful place in Manchester?

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