Doll Against the Wall – Lalka Przy Ścianie

My work colleague’s slightly different take on our outing to graffiti wonderland last week. Please take a look if you can.

Fleur Makes Your Dreams Come True!

I haven’t done a proper photo session in a long time… the recent one featuring Moxie was, as you know, mostly directed by her.

There’s a place in my town completely ruled by graffiti – a long passage by the river, which I often saw from the tram window on my way to work. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time, for a closer look. Finally I stopped putting it off for ‘later’, asked a colleague from my office who also takes pictures to come along – all I had left to decide was which doll to bring along…

Of all the dolls I have, it’s probably Gothel who has the most personality. It’s her face, equally beautiful and discontented, sometimes she’s sour, sometimes proud and haughty, with those unusual eyes… her only flaw are terrible stick-thin legs, but because she’s very flexible and loves to pose, they’re…

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