Will You Take Me Over?

I am not an artist, let me point that out before you point it out for me! However, I started doodling last night whilst the effects of alcohol were wearing off and this is what happened – complete with spelling mistakes,terribly drawn hands and pencil marks which I forgot to rub out!

I was listening to a song called New Tile Floor by Farewell Continental and it got me thinking about the relationships people have with drink. The song itself is probably more about a destructive relationship between two people, but to me it seems to be a mix of the two and a comment on how one can effect the other. It’s not just drink either really. It’s any kind of drug, legal or illegal.

I cracked my trusty Stabilo pens out and drew a picture that pretty much represents the way I view drinking to excess. It poisons your mind – not just your body – most of the time without you even realising it, and the drink itself almost seems to get some evil enjoyment out of destroying you from the inside out.

I usually draw things in more of an anime style but since getting into street art and such my style seems to be changing. There was once a time that I would constantly draw but it would seem that photography has taken over for now – and probably for the best, looking back at this!


2 thoughts on “Will You Take Me Over?

  1. Somehow your first sentence made me just shrug… shake my head and start to consider. Why does she think that she is not an artist?

    It is you decision what you think of yourself and call yourself, but if it does not change a thing for you I take you as an artist.

    Your “I am still existing post” has led me to browse through your history.

    1. You are THE nicest person ever, thanks for looking through everything, I really appreciate it. I hope I bring you some more interesting stuff soon!

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